Improve the Data

Tasks to correct, update and make Wikirate ever more complete, reliable, and engaging. 


As a member of the Wikirate community, you play an important role in improving existing data.

Updating Years

If you detect that you or another user made a mistake adding the year of the document you are researching, you can easily correct that!

From a Data Set:

  1. Click on the Value you want to update
  2. Click on the Review button
  3. Click on the Edit button
  4. Set the correct year and hit Submit.

From a Research Project:

  1. Select the Year you want to review
  2. Click on the Edit button
  3. Set the correct year and hit Submit.

Flagging dubious data

Flagging an Answer can be done in a few simple steps, depending on whether you're working with a Data Set or a Research Project:

From a Data Set:

  1. Click on the specific Value you wish to flag.
  2. Locate and click the Flag button.
  3. Choose the appropriate reason for flagging the Answer (such as incorrect value, year, company, or other).
  4. Provide additional context by entering a comment in the comments section.
  5. Complete the process by hitting the Submit button.

From a Research Project:

  1. Identify the Value you need to flag.
  2. Click the Flag button that corresponds to the selected Value.
  3. Choose the reason for flagging the Answer (such as incorrect value, year, company, or other).
  4. Enhance your flagging with relevant information by adding a comment in the provided section.
  5. Finalize the action by clicking Submit.

These steps will help you effectively flag Answers, ensuring accuracy and maintaining the quality of the information.

Checking the accuracy of the answer values is very important. In the Wikirate platform, a verification checkmark is assigned to a data point when an answer, initially identified by one researcher, is corroborated by another. By consistently verifying answers on Wikirate, you contribute to an elevated standard of data quality. Each validation step taken amplifies the credibility and reliability of Wikirate's information.

Checking & updating Metric Answers

A data point can be checked by one or more researchers, the more checks a data point shows, the more certain we are about its quality.

Follow these steps for checking the data inputted by a fellow researcher:

  1. Select a Metric value - this could be via a Project page, a Company profile page, or a Metric page. 
  2. Review value details. Go to the Answer tab. Here you can view the document used as a source and read the comments made by researchers ( e.g. details on where the value was found within the report (page, section), and any calculations or conversions made to determine the Metric value).
  3. View the Methodology. Depending on your familiarity with the Metric question, it is a good idea to refer to the Metric's Methodology to ensure you fully understand what is being asked. You will find the Methodology in the Question Tab. 
  4. Look for the Answer to the Metric question on the Source. 
  5. Verify or update a Metric value. Once you have located the accurate Metric value in the source, go to the Answer tab and either:
    • Click the "Yes, I checked" button to show that you found the same data in the cited report. 


    • Click the "Edit" button - to change incorrect Metric values and include details in the comments

If you have doubts about a value's accuracy or its source please leave a comment.

Watch a screen recording showing how to check an Answer:

Check an answer


Adding logos

Without a company logo, companies can be hard to identify quickly. Adding missing company logos can help make Wikirate data more engaging, memorable, and navigable for all users. Learn how to do this, and give it a try here.

Add Wikipedia Information to Company Pages

Integrating Wikipedia with WikiRate helps users learn more about the company that they are investigating (company's background, official name, headquarters location, website address, among other information). Learn how to do this and give it a try here.

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