Add Wikipedia Information to Company Pages+Image
Task: Add Wikipedia Information to Company Pages

5-7 minute task. Link a company to its Wikipedia entry.

Integrating Wikipedia with WikiRate helps users learn more about the company that they are investigating (company's background, official name, headquarters location, website address, among other information).

  1. Check that you’re logged into your account. If you are not logged in, log in or sign up first.
  2. Choose a company (below) to research and open it in a new browser tab.
  3. Go to and find the company you’ve chosen. Make sure you have the correct company by comparing company details such as headquarter location.
  4. On the company page in WikiRate, click on the edit icon beside the company name (it's a small pencil!). This will bring up the company page editor.
  5. In company page editor, add the name of the company exactly as it appears on Wikipedia to the "+Wikipedia" section.
  6. Click "Save and Close".

You'll now be able to see information from Wikipedia on the right side of the company page under Integrations.

* You do not need to fill all fields to add the Wikipedia information.