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Individuals or organizations coordinating a collaborative assessment of companies on a topic relevant for their work, research, or everyday life.

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Community stories

WikiRate provides an essential open data infrastructure for supply chain transparency. Their system made it possible to connect data reported by brands and workers in one dynamic tool: Fashion Checker. Through this flexible and engaging structure, we were able to make a complex dataset on supply chain wages accessible and useful to a broad audience of consumers, journalists, advocacy organizations, and workers themselves.

Endorsement by Paul Roeland, CCC+Image
Paul Roeland Transparency Lead, Clean Clothes Campaign

Our collaborative project was a great opportunity to further develop our research skills which in turn allowed us to be more critical and analytical of fashion labels. Working with WikiRate made us understand the importance of finding the right and accurate information that backs up or contradicts the image that a fashion label is trying to portray

Endorsement by AMD Berlin Student+Image
Student of AMD Berlin

There are many creative ways to incorporate the WikiRate platform, particularly for business-related courses. While my course was project-based, WikiRate data can just as easily be used for writing-intensive courses for company-, industry- or geography-based analyses. The platform is free to use, and the WikiRate staff does a tremendous job addressing student queries. I highly recommend utilizing the WikiRate platform to enhance the learning experience at undergraduate and graduate levels.

Endorsement by Hannah Jun, Ewha Womans University+Image
Hannah Jun Professor, Ewha Womans University, Korea

I loved right away that WikiRate is community-driven and brings together students, professionals, and data lovers from all stages of life and all over the world. I had been working on questions of corporate sustainability for a number of years, and WikiRate's approach showed me a new perspective to many questions around companies' performance on the issues I care about. The WikiRate community is simply amazing and I've met a lot of great individuals through being involved.

Endorsement by Hannah Roberts, volunteer+Image
Hannah Roberts independent contributor

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