Search, Filter, and Bookmark

A walk through of the Main Search Bar, Filters, and Bookmarks that you can apply to create shortcuts.

Searching, Filtering, and Bookmarking are tools that help search the site or a single page’s content and create shortcuts. Here, you will find a walk-through of the Search Bar, Filters, and Bookmarks that you can apply to content to create shortcuts.

Main Search Bar

The Main Search Bar is on all Wikirate pages. Use the "All Categories" dropdown to search for: 

  • Companies
  • Metrics
  • Topics
  • Data Sets
  • Projects
  • Research Groups
  • Company Groups

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Filters enable you to refine searches, tailoring results to your desired content.

Available across categories such as Companies, Metrics, Topics, Data Sets, Projects, and Research Groups, Filters empower efficient content discovery through their versatile combination.

Filters introduction

There are some things to keep in mind when using Filters:

  • Diverse pages offer distinct Filters due to varying information profiles.
  • Filters encompass both open-text boxes for custom input and predefined options.
  • You have the capability to combine Filters for precise information retrieval.
  • The Sort function is situated alongside Filters for enhanced organization.

Here you can see how to identify the available Filters on the Metric browse page:

Available filters image


Filter example: Metric Answers 

Filters refine content to align with your interests. For instance, when seeking to determine the quantity of direct (scope 1) greenhouse gas emissions from companies based in Australia during 2022, Filters can be employed for this specific purpose.

How to filter a Metric’s Answers:

  1. Go to the Metric you want to explore.
  2. Select the Filters you wish to use, for example: Country and Year.
  3. Select the Country and Year you wish to return.
  4. Scroll down the page to see the results.

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Bookmarking various types of content such as Metrics, Topics, Companies, Company Groups, Projects, or Research Groups offers advantages to both you and the Wikirate community:

  • Bookmarked content is conveniently accessible through Quick Filters, streamlining content retrieval and rediscovery. Bookmarks of logged-in users are securely stored.

  • Every piece of content features a bookmark count, indicating the frequency of user bookmarks.

  • The act of bookmarking content elevates its visibility on landing and search pages, contributing to increased prominence.

How to bookmark:

  • Click on the Bookmark icon next to a Metric, Topic, Company, Company Group, Project or Research Group to get quick access to the Wikirate elements you use most. 
  • To un-bookmark items, simply click on the bookmark icon once more.



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