Research Projects

An easy way to research and record companies’ impacts, coordinate researchers and review collective progress.

Research Projects serve the purpose of investigating and documenting the impacts of companies.

In this section, we will guide you through a research project page, demonstrating how you can efficiently explore and locate various research projects, as well as initiate the creation of a new project.

Research Projects offer notable advantages:

  • They provide a straightforward way for contributors to conduct company research by contributing answers to metric-related queries.

  • Contributors have the flexibility to specify the companies and topics they intend to investigate (via the project's dataset).

  • Groups of contributors, such as a university course or organizations, can easily track the progress of the research project.

Research Project page: a tour

A Research Project page serves as a valuable source of information about a specific project.

Navigate to the Details Tab to uncover insights into the following aspects:

  • Project Description: Learn about the background and objectives of the research.

  • Organizer: Learn about the individual or group who initiated the project by visiting the Organizer's profile.

  • Status: Projects can be classified as Active, indicating ongoing research efforts, or Inactive, signifying that no current researchers are actively contributing. Nonetheless, you are encouraged to contribute to Inactive projects.

  • Research Progress Bar: This bar provides a visual depiction of the project's overall progression. To attain 100% completion, the project should encompass data for every metric, company, and year. Please note: Not all projects are required to reach 100% completion, as many focus on gathering information for the most recent available year rather than collecting data for each individual year.

  • Data Set: Click on this link to access and download the data accumulated through this project. If you intend to augment your research project with additional Companies, Metrics, or years, access the Project's Data Set.

Project Details image

Head to the Companies Tab to access the following information:

  • Companies: See the count of Companies within the Research Project. Click to toggle the panel view, revealing the Companies, progress bars, and research buttons.

  • Metrics: Take note of the quantity of Metrics associated with the Research Project. Click to switch the panel view, displaying the list of Metrics.

  • Sort, Search, and Filter: Arrange companies based on criteria such as Most Answers, Most Metrics, Most Bookmarked, Alphabetical, or Recently Added. Seek out specific Companies by name using the search function. For a more refined search, click on More Filters to activate a search toolbar encompassing Data Set, Company Group, Company Category, Country, or your own Bookmarks.

  • Research Button: Access the Research Page for a Company by clicking this button. This will enable you to contribute information about the Company's impact to the Research Project. Add new Answer values to any Question pertinent to the Research Project.

  • Progress Bar: This bar visually represents the quantity of answers gathered for the respective Company within this research project.

Project Page Tour image


Find a Research Project

You can browse or search for a Research Project. Here is how you can browse, search and filter Research Projects. 


To find a Project, 

  1. Select Project in the dropdown of the search bar, or

    • Go to the Research Projects browse page. 

  2. Search for the Research Projects by Name (try typing the University’s name or a key word of the Research Project).

  3. Filter the Research Projects by Status, or Sort the results alphabetically or by Recently Added.

  4. Click on the Project name to view the Research Project page.

Create a new Research Project

You can create your own Research Project on Wikirate to research a topic that interests you. Anyone with an account can add a Project, but you may find it easier if you are already familiar with Wikirate. Below is a walk-through of how you can add a Project.

Tip: Before setting up your Project you first need to determine which Metrics and Companies you would like to include. Feel free to reach out to the Wikirate Team for assistance with this process at .

NOTE: Prior to creating a Project, it is necessary to generate a Data Set. Refer to this Guide to acquire guidance on how to complete this step.

To create a new Project:

  1. Go to Create New Project
  2. Enter a Project Name.
  3. Choose the Status of your project. 
    • Active makes your project findable via our search bar (recommended).
    • Inactive if you do not want to make the Research Project searchable via the search bar. 
    • Note: A Project remains accessible to all via the URL permalink
  4. Add the Data Set Name you first created. *See note above
  5. Type a Wikirate username into the Organizer box. Organizers can be individuals or organizations. To add more Organizers, click + add another.
  6. Write a Description, you can add links to any supporting or instructional material here.
  7. Click Submit.


Tip: All of these elements are editable from the Dataset of the Project page. You will find the corresponding Data Set on the Details tab of the Project Page.


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