Research Projects

An easy way to research and record companies’ impacts, coordinate researchers and review collective progress.

Research Projects are an easy way to research and record companies’ impacts, coordinate researchers and review collective progress.

Here we’ll show you a research project page, what you can do there, how you can browse and find different Research Projects and create a new one.

Research Projects are useful because:

  • They are an easy way for WikiRaters to research Companies by adding Answers to Metric questions

  • WikiRaters can define the Companies and Topics they want to research via the Project’s Dataset,

  • Groups of WikiRaters can view the Research Project’s progress, for example a University course or an organization.

Research Project page: a tour

A Research Project page presents useful information about a Project. For example, the description, progress, organizer and researched companies. You can also add more Answers to the Project on this page. Here’s a walkthrough of the page:


Project Page Tour image


  1. Data Set: Open this link to explore and download the data that has been collected through this project. Go to the Project’s Data Set if you want to add Companies, Metrics or years to your research project.
  2. Organizer: Find out who started the project by viewing the Organizer’s profile
  3. Status: A project may be Active, i.e. researchers are working on it, or Inactive, i.e. no researchers are currently working on the project, but you are welcome to contribute to them
  4. Research Progress Bar: This bar shows the overall progress of the project. To be 100% completed, the project should have data for each metric/company and for each year.
  5. Companies: See the number of Companies in the Research Project. Click to switch the panel view (see below) below to view the Companies, the Answers progress bars and their Research buttons. 
  6. Metrics: See the number of the Metrics for the Research Project. Click to switch the panel view below to view the Metrics list.
  7. Sort, Search and Filter: Sort the companies by Most Answers, Most Metrics, Most Bookmarked, Alphabetical, or Recently Added. Search for a Company by name, or click More Filters to activate a search toolbar for Data Set, Company Group, Company Category, Country or your own Bookmark.
  8. Research button: Takes you to the Research Page for that Company where you can add information about the Companies’ impact. Research Project. Add new Answer values to any Question for the Research Project.
  9. Progress Bar: This bar shows the number of answers collected for this Company within this research project. 
  10. Discussion: Ask other WikiRater's researching the project questions, or make a comment.

Find a Research Project

You can browse or search for a Research Project. Here is how you can browse, search and filter Research Projects. 

Tip: It is useful to join the relevant Research Group of the Research Project to record your actions - creating, updating, discussing, or checking an Answer - for other WikiRaters in the Research Project to see.

browse projects gif

To find a Project, 

  1. Go to the Research Projects browse page. 

  2. Search for the Research Projects by Name (try typing the University’s name or a key word of the Research Project).

  3. Filter the Research Projects by Status or Sort sort the results alphabetically or by Recently Added.

  4. Click on the Project name to view the Research Project page.

Create a new Research Project

You can create your own Research Project on WikiRate to research a topic that interests you. Any WikiRate can add a Project, but you may find it easier if you are already familiar with WikiRate. Below is a walk-through of how you can add a Project.

Tip: Before setting up your Project it can be useful to decide which Metrics and Companies you would like to include. However, you can create or edit these after the Project is set up.

Create new project gif

Create a new project:

  1. Go to Create New Project

In the New Project dialog box: 

  1. Enter a Project Name.

  2. Choose the Status of your project. 

    • Active makes your project findable via our search bar (recommended).

    • Inactive if you do not want to make the Research Project searchable via the search bar. 

  • Note: A Project remains accessible to all via the URL permalink

  1. Select a Data Set. Data Sets help you to structure your Research Project. You can add metrics or companies to your Project. You can also explore the data using filters and export a section or the totality of the data collected through the Research Project.  

  2. Type a WikiRate user name into the Organizer box. Organizers can be individuals or organizations. To add more Organizers, click + add another.

  3. Write a Description, you can add links to any supporting or instructional material here.

  4. Click Submit.


Tip: All of these elements are easily editable from the Dataset of the Project page (right side panel of the project page) if you want to make some changes later (pencil icon that appears by hovering over the list of companies).


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