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Research Projects

An easy way to research and record companies’ impacts, coordinate researchers and review collective progress.

Add Answers

Learn how to add a Metric Answer.

Research Groups User Guide

A walk through on how to find, join and use a Research Group.

Search, Filter, and Bookmark

A walk through of the Main Search Bar, Filters, and Bookmarks that you can apply to create shortcuts.

Create Company Groups

Follow these steps to select and store groups of Companies to frame research, analysis and comparison.

Exporting Answers

Learn how to download the WikiRate data in CSV or JSON format.

Use the API

Access WikiRate data programmatically using our powerful REST API.

Metrics Introduction

Learn about the different types of metrics on WikiRate.

Create Metrics (Advanced)

Create metrics that are not on WikiRate yet.

Write Metric Formulae

Create answers dynamically from other answers.

Improve the Data

Tasks to correct, update and make WikiRate ever more complete, reliable, and engaging. 


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