Research Groups User Guide

A walk through on how to find, join and use a Research Group.

Research Groups are a collection of WikiRaters, their Research Projects, and Metrics they created.

Here, we’ll introduce you to a Research Group page, walk you through how to find and join a Research Group, then we'll explain how to create a Research Group and how to add a Research Group to a Research Project.

There are three reasons to join Research Groups:

  • To view a WikiRater’s actions. Research Groups show your actions - creating, updating, discussing, or checking an Answer - for other WikiRaters to see. Showing the actions you’ve taken is useful because WikiRaters such as lecturers and Research Project coordinators can identify another WikiRater’s actions and view the Research Project’s progress. 
  • WikiRater’s can post comments to the Research Group. A Research Group page contains a discussion forum. You can communicate with other WikiRaters to ask questions, post advice, or add helpful comments.
  • Your Research Groups appear in your profile. Joined Research Groups are easy to find in your WikiRate profile.

Research Group page: a tour

Every Research Group page has the same menu options and functionalities. Here’s a walkthrough of the page:

Research Groups Tour
  1. Add Conversation: Create new conversations related to the Research Group, or view and add comments to existing Conversations.
  2. Join Group: Add yourself to the Researchers' list and record your actions for WikiRaters to view.
  3. Researchers: Shows the number of Researchers in the Research Group. Click to view WikiRater's actions: Answers created, updated, discussed, and checked. 
  4. Projects: The number of Research Projects conducted by the Research Group. Click Projects to switch the display panel to view the Research Projects.
  5. Metrics: The number of Metrics created by the Research Group has. Click metrics to switch the display panel to view the Metrics.

Find and Join a Research Group

WikiRaters can find and join Research Groups by browsing or searching. Here is how you can browse, search, filter, and join Research Groups:

Tip: If you are part of a University Project, your link to your Research Group is in your welcome email, or student handout. 

To find and join a Research Group:

  1. Go to the Research Groups browsing page. 
  2. Browse the Research Groups:
  3. Sort by Most Researchers, Most Projects, Most Bookmarked, Alphabetical, or Recently Added, or
  4. Search by Research Group Name, or
  5. Filter by Topic
  6. Click the Research Group name you want to join
  7. Click the Join Group button on the Research Group Page to add yourself.

join group image

Create a Research Group

WikiRaters create Research Groups to record actions - creating, updating, discussing, or checking an Answer -  to a Research Project. Making a Research Group page is easy: 

Tip: Once you have created a Research Group, you can add it to a Research Project, we explain how to do this below.


Add research group


NB: Once you have created a Research Group, be sure to click “Join Group”


To create a new Research Group:

  1. Go to the Research Groups page and click “Add Research Group.” 
  2. Add a Research Group Name. 
  3. Upload an Image.
  4. Add one or several Topics tags; you can browse existing Topic tags alphabetically by clicking the dialogue box.
  5. Type a WikiRate user name into the Organizer box. Organizers can be individuals or organizations. To add more Organizers, click + add another.
  6. Write a Description; you can add links to any supporting or instructional material here.
  7. Click Submit.


create research group tour

Add a Research Group to a Research Project

Adding a Research Group to a Research Project ensures that the progress made by each member of the Research Group is recorded and updated in real-time. To do this, you need to add the Research Group as the Organizer to the Research Project. We’ll show you how to do that.

Adding a Research Project to a Research Group gif

Tip: You can add more than one Research Group as an Organizer to a Research Project.

How to add a Research Project to a Research Group

  1. Go to the Research Project page you want to add.
  2. Hover over Organizer and click [pencil icon].
  3. Type the Research Group name in the dialog box and select it from the drop-down list.
  4. Click “Save and Close.”

You can verify that the Research Project has been added to the Research Group by checking in the Research Group page. Go to the Research Group and click on the Projects tab. The Research Project will appear in the panel view below:

Add RG to project image


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