Research Groups

Research Groups are a collection of WikiRate contributors, their Research Projects, and Metrics they created. Here, we’ll introduce you to a Research Group page, walk you through how to find and join a Research Group, then we'll explain how to create a Research Group and how to add a Research Project to a Research Group.

Tip: If you are part of a University Project, your link to your Research Group is in your welcome email, or student handout. 

To find and join a Research Group:

  1. Go to the Research Groups browsing page. 
  2. Browse the Research Groups:
  3. Sort by Most Researchers, Most Projects, Most Bookmarked, Alphabetical, or Recently Added, or
  4. Search by Research Group Name, or
  5. Filter by Topic
  6. Click the Research Group name you want to join
  7. Click the Join Group button on the Research Group Page to add yourself.