Exporting Answers

Learn how to download the Wikirate data in CSV or JSON format.


The best way to explore answers is by using sorting filters. For example, the following shows a specific data set filtered by a company.

At the bottom of the page, there is a button to download data (with the current filters applied) in CSV format. Click on the arrow next to the button to choose the format, level of detail, and maximum number of answers you want to export.


Export image


Export button



  • CSV downloads will allow a maximum of 500 answers per request without a Wikirate account and 5000 answers per request with a Wikirate account. To download more answers than that, you will need to do multiple exports (e.g. using the filters to split the export by year) or use the API.
  • JSON downloads produce 20 answers per page. When there are more than 20 results, the response will include at least one paging URL, which you can use to retrieve the complete list.

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