To celebrate Open Data Day 2021, WikiRate is organizing a community-driven discussion and data research exercise on gender equality in corporations.

The workshop is bringing together experts and individuals interested in discussing and researching data on gender equality disclosed by companies in the Fashion industry. 

Some of the guiding questions will be: 

  • What does current disclosure tell us about company impacts on gender equality? 
  • Which gender metrics are relevant, and which might be missing in corporate reporting and benchmarks? 
  • How can open data help us to track companies' progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals?

After the discussion we will break-out into small groups to conduct research on some of the world’s largest Fashion companies and the gender policies they report to the public. Each of the groups’ work will contribute to one overarching research project, for which the results will be presented and discussed at the end.

Breakout Sessions

Leadership & Compensation

Research Indicators:

  • Percentage of women on board of directors
  • Gender pay gap
  • Women in management positions
  • Women in skilled positions
  • Gender equality targets
  • Living wage commitment (supply chain)
  • CEO gender
  • Number of female employees

Reference indicators:

Workers' Rights

Research Indicators:

  • Employees entitled to parental leave
  • Employees returned after parental leave
  • Access to childcare services
  • Access to healthcare for non-work related incidents
  • Prohibits violence & harassment in supply chain
  • Prohibits regular excessive overtime in supply chain

Reference indicators:

General Reference Indicators:

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