Step 1: Create a WikiRate account


Visit and click join. Enter a username, email address and password, then click submit. Please note: you will receive a verification email to complete the signup process. If you don’t receive a verification, let a member of the team know and we will approve your account.


Step 2: Go to the Project Page 


Step 3: Start the research 


  • You will research one apparel company, choose a company on the list on the right-hand side, and click the Research button.
  • Choose a metric to research and click the Methodology tab to learn how to find the answer.
  • In the Year dropdown, select the year of the period cover by the latest report available. 
  • In the Sources tab, check if the source you need is already on WikiRate. If it is, read this report to find the data you need. If not, find the company’s sustainability report online and add it to the platform (as URL or PDF file). 

Extra help: If the latest report is not on WikiRte, add it to the platform: 

-Watch the video tutorial on adding a URL as a source here.

-Watch the video tutorial on adding a PDF file as a source here.


  • If you cannot find the relevant value select Unknown as an answer option. 
  • Cite your source on the right-hand side of the window by clicking the Cite button.
  • Add a comment to your answer detailing the page number where you found your answer and add relevant excerpts from the report. If you did any conversions or calculations, explain how you did so in the comments.
  • Click Submit. Then, click the Next arrow (>) to move onto the next metriIc.

IMPORTANT: you can edit values if you have added something incorrectly or found a better answer - just click on the edit icon next to the answer you want to change.



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