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The company has reduced its total waste per m2 by 5% vs. the previous year.
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This metric measures the intensity ratio of waste generated by a company with which we intend to evaluate and compare homogeneously the degree of waste generation in relation to a unit, in this case the commercial area, and thus allow us to contextualise the efficiency of the company according to its size and compare it with that of its competitors.

In case of not obtaining directly the data of reduction of waste per m2 in the reports of the companies, we will have to start calculating the intensity of waste per m2 for the last 2 years:

Intensity of waste generated per m2 of surface (Kg / m2) = Total waste generated (Tn) / Total commercial surface (m2)

The data of the total commercial area in m2 will be obtained from the reports published on the chain's website for the year evaluated. The company may not publish it, but may use an intensity indicator based on its surface (of CO2 emissions per m2, for example), from which the total surface of the chain can be calculated.
Failing that, we may use the data published by some specialized reference sources such as Alimarket, Inforetail, DataRetail, Statista, Nielsen, Kantar, IRI Infoscan, ...
This data must be homogeneous and comparable for the 2 years analyzed, so the source of data on the commercial area must be the same. Thus, if we use Alimarket to find out the total commercial area of ??a chain in a given year, we must use the same source to compare with the previous year.

We will assign a "" YES "" to this question if:

- The reduction in waste intensity per m2 is at least 5% compared to the previous year

We will assign a "NO" if:

- The reduction in waste intensity per m2 is less than 5% compared to the previous year
- The intensity of waste per m2 has increased compared to the previous year
- The company does not publish enough data on its generated waste to be able to calculate this reduction.

This information can be found in any of the following reports published on the companies' website:

- Annual memory
- Corporate Social Responsibility Report
- Sustainability Report
- Environmental Report
- Report on Carbon Footprint
- Non-Financial Information Statement (EINF)