Male employees, GRI 102-8-a (formerly G4-10-a)
What is the total number of male employees?

About the data

This Standard is part of the set of GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards (GRI Standards). These Standards are designed to be used by organizations to report about their impacts on the economy, the environment, and society. 

The GRI Standards are structured as a set of interrelated, modular standards. The full set can be downloaded at There are three universal Standards that apply to every organization preparing a sustainability report:

GRI 102: General Disclosures, which this metric falls within, provide an overview of an organization’s size, geographic location, and activities. This contextual information is important to help stakeholders understand the nature of the organization and its economic, environmental and social impacts.

The methodology for the former G4 standard for this metric (G4-10a) can be found here.

To answer this metric you need to find the "Total number of male employees" (GRI 102-8-a). Start by searching publicly available documents like Annual and CSR reports.

Answers & Calculations: Once you have found the answer, add the total number without commas to the answer field. If the organization provides useful context to the answer, such as an explanation of how the data have been compiled, and assumptions made, copy-paste this in the Comments field alongside the page number where you found the answer. Select the 'Unknown' answer box if the company has not published the data.