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Gender Equality Targets
Does the company specify targets on gender equality and women’s empowerment in operations (for example 50% of women in leadership positions by 2025)?

About the data

This metric was created to gather information on what kinds of targets companies are setting themselves related to women's empowerment and gender equality in their own operations and in the supply chain.

This information can be found in a company's Annual or Sustainability Report, on it's website, or in annual and sustainability reports. 

Key search terms: Target, Goal, Gender Equality, Women, Empowerment

Answer options: Multiple answer options can be selected. If a relevant target has been found and the category is not listed in the options, select Other, and include the target in the comments field.

If no targets are found, select No.

Unknown is only an option for companies which have no reports or website available.

Value Type
Women in leadership
Women on board
Equal pay
Health care
Parental leave
Access to childcare services
Empowerment targets for supply chain
Research Policy
Community Assessed
Report Type
Corporate Social Responsibility Report
Communication on Progress
Sustainability Report
Annual Report