Everything on WikiRate can be discussed - everywhere you see an edit icon ( ) on WikiRate, you can mouse over the icon and choose "discuss" to view the discussion of the related content.

This page shows conversations where you can discuss WikiRate more generally with other members of the community.

Some possible topics of discussion are:

You can join the conversations listed below or start a new Conversation here and specify the topic you'd like to discuss.

Reporting of a technical bug or site issue should happen through tickets, rather than conversations, but these work in much the same way.

Please note:

- Discussions, like everything else on WikiRate, can be edited by others. Your fellow Wikiraters may sometimes trim out chatty or peripheral remarks to bring the pulp of the conversation to the fore. Like any other WikiRate "card", discussions have tracked revisions (also visible via the edit icon using view > history), so no trimmed content is ever truly lost.

Here are the most recently started conversations: