centre for sustainability and gender economics


Would like the gender equality project to also have information on age groups and policies regarding women and pregnancy .

An example would be how many women leave the company(ies) or return after a maternity leave .

What training programmes are available for mature women entering the workforce or reentering after childrearing years

What follow up is avalaible to women who want to come back to work and or want to remain on some basis contributing to the company whilst in child rearing mode .

What paternity or male leave is available for child rearing practices for men / fathers

What ages and percentage of male and females child rearing stage are htere in the companies .

--Africa G.Zanella.....2016-08-26 19:51:14 UTC

Hi Africa, and thanks for starting this conversation. It is always great to hear about the kind of information that people want to be able to access about companies' performance. I like your suggestions, and I think some of them would make great metrics for a project like this.

To create these metrics, we would need to turn your points into standardised questions that could be answered for a range of companies. Some of these are already good questions to create a metric for (number of women who leave/return after maternity leave, amount of paternity leave for male employees).

Perhaps more importantly, we would need to find out if/where the information to answer these questions about a company can be found - because metrics that we can't find data for won't help us much with understanding companies' performance.

Do you (or anyone else) know whether the GRI or any other reporting standard has indicators that are similar to these questions? If an indicator is included in some standard there is a much higher chance that we can find relevant data about companies' performance. Or, do you know of public sources other than CSR reports or other non-financial reporting where relevant information can be found?

Any member of the WikiRate community can design new metrics, but designing good metrics can be tricky. I would be interested in collaborating with you on this task, and there may be some other people on here who would be too.

--Richard Mills.....2016-08-30 16:10:10 UTC