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Does the company disclose the ownership structures (or business models) of its brands, subsidiaries, and other businesses?
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Modern Slavery Statement


The UK Modern Slavery Act requires that organisations disclose their structure, business, and supply chains. This is to allow those assessing the statements to understand the boundaries of the statement and to support the identification of risk based on business models, location of operations and supply chains, and goods and services sourced and workforce.


Does the company disclose the ownership structure(s) and/or business model(s) of each of its brands, subsidiaries, and other businesses covered by their Modern Slavery statement?

Such disclosures can include, whether its businesses, brands, and subsidairies are:

  • owned and managed by the reporting company
  • leased
  • managed properties
  • franchised properties
  • joint ventures

If the company provides any such details in their statement, please select "Yes", providing details (such as quotations and page numbers) in the comment section.

If no such information is disclosed in the statement, please select "No".

* Note on choosing the Year of your answer

Read the MSA Statement carefully to find out what year it covers. For instance, if the statement relates to activities and actions undertaken in the period January - October 2016, choose 2016 as your answer's year.

Companies may report in fiscal years (FY) that include months from two different calendar years. In this case, please use the latest calendar year cited. For instance, a report for FY 2016/17 should be used for adding data for the year 2017.