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MSA registry submission
Does the company provide their modern statement to one or both of the national modern slavery registries?
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About the data

Both the UK and Australian MSA require that the statements are visible and easily accessible to the public. Under the Australian Act companies are mandated to submit their statements to the central, government run register. In the UK there is now also a central government run register, but submission is not (yet) mandatory. Instead companies are mandated under the UK Act to publish a link to their most recent statement on their homepage. These homepage links are tracked through another research metric on WikiRate: https://wikirate.org/Business_Human_Rights_Resource_Centre+MSA_homepage_link

The data for this metric is gathered and add to WikiRate through semi-automated techniques (no manual research is needed). It is retrieved directly from the UK and Australian modern slavery registries on a quarterly basis. Annually, a new mapping exercise is done to match the companies in the WikiRate database to the databases of the registries.



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UK Registry submission
Australian Registry submission
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Modern Slavery Registry Submission
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