Question: Does the modern slavery statement define the performance indicators against which the company measures the effectiveness of its actions to combat slavery and trafficking? E.g. number of audits done, number of employee training provided
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"We use a color-coded system to rate facilities’ performance based on assessments. Highperforming facilities with no critical or few violations receive a green rating. Average performers

are rated yellow, while facilities that need improvement on one or more serious issues are

assigned a red rating. Critical, severe and key violations have a greater negative impact on a

facilities’ rating than more technical “non-compliance” violations. We decreased our share of red

rated facilities from 16% in 2016 to 5% in 2017, improving further to 1% by end of 2018. In

2019, the percentage of red rated facilities varied between 1% to 2%."

Tom Tweddle.....2020-10-18 15:42:00 UTC