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Does the modern slavery statement define the performance indicators against which the company measures the effectiveness of its actions to combat slavery and trafficking? E.g. number of audits done, number of employee training provided
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Modern Slavery Statement
Katharine Bryant

Modern slavery Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) can help companies measure and track the impact of their policies and due diligence addressing modern slavery. Within their statements, companies can provide information on KPIs they have or will introduce to monitor the performance of future and ongoing anti-slavery actions taken by the company.

For further information on performance indicators please refer to the Home Office Guidance, pp. 36.


Does the company measure the impact of the actions it takes to combat modern slavery?

Relevant KPIs can include:

  1. Any KPIs measuring the impact of training provided to staff on modern slavery,

  2. Any KPIs related to usage of whistleblowing mechanisms outlined under MSA Whistleblowing

  3. Any KPIs related to number of incidents identified

  4. Any KPIs related to remediation- number of contracts cancelled, or number of corrective action plans

  5. KPIs related to number of audits, on site visits, suppliers questionnaires, or other labour monitoring mechanisms, etc.

If the company discloses any of the above or related KPIs or other measures regarding the companies actions to tackle modern slavery, please indicate “Yes”, and provide details. Key words can include, "measure", "review", "monitor", "track progress" etc. It does NOT include where it mentions it has KPIs, but does not describe these

If the company indicates it is planning to implement modern slavery KPIs, please indicate “In Development” and include details on the proposed KPIs.

If no such KPIs exist or are described in the statement, please select "No".  For example, if the company:

  • Describes no such KPIs in the statement.
  • Only describes any awards/recognitions won, entering rankings lists, etc.
  • Only mentions identifying indicators of modern slavery, but not related to assessing the effectiveness of their interventions.
  • Only uses indicators of modern slavery to identify modern slavery cases. 

* Note on choosing the Year of your answer

Read the MSA Statement carefully to find out what year it covers. When a statement is referring to a Financial Year (FY) ending in Q1, it should be labeled with the previous year.


Statement for FY2018/19 ending in March 2019 = 2018

Statement for FY2018/19 ending in April 2019 (or later) = 2019