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ITP Membership (sector specific)
Does the company disclose that it is part of the International Tourism Partnership (ITP)?
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About the data

The International Tourism Partnership (ITP), an industry association that supports the principles outlined in the UN Declaration of Human Rights and the UNGPs. The ITP has developed a Human Trafficking Position Statement, a Know How Guide, and Guidelines for Checking Recruitment Agencies.* More recently the ITP has developed three key Principles on Forced Labour: that every worker should have freedom of movement, no worker should pay for a job, and no worker should be indebted or coerced to work.**

* International Tourism Par tnership 2019, “Human Rights”. Available from: https://www.tourismpartnership.org/human-rights//. [16 September 2019].

** International Tourism Par tnership 2019, “News”. Available from: https://www.tourismpartnership.org/blog/itp-launches-principles-on-forced-labour/. [16 September 2019].


Read the statment and identify wether the company is member of the ITP.

Select Yes if the company is a member of the ITP.

Select No if there is no information about the company being a member of the ITP.

* Note on choosing the Year of your answer

Read the MSA Statement carefully to find out what year it covers.

When a statement is referring to a Financial Year (FY) ending in Q1 or early Q2, it should be labeled with the previous year. Example:

  • Statement for FY2018/19 ending in April 2019 = 2018
  • Statement for FY2018/19 ending in May 2019 (or later) = 2019
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