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Addressing and monitoring child labour (sector specific)
Does the company have a Child Labour Monitoring and Remediation System (CLMRS) in place that covers 100% of their cocoa sources, is assessed by a third party and references ongoing commitments to improve/expand?
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About the data

Child Labour Monitoring and Remediation Systems (CLMRS) represent a means of targeting prevention, mitigation and remediation assistance to children involved in or at risk of child labour, as well as to their families and communities. It uses the structure of the supply chain and community groups to identify where children are working and remedy those cases. Companies with a robust CLMRS in place allows them to identify instances in their supply chain of illegal child labour (in that country), find alternative solutions and prevent the use of illegal child labour by raising awareness around the topic. CLMRS is endorsed by Tony’s Chocoloney, a case study of a promising practice in the industry.

To meet this metric, companies must be actively implementing a CLMRS, that is assessed independently by a third party and be referencing ongoing commitments and improvements.  

Examples of the types of action companies may disclose, include: 

  • References a CLMRS system in place, and gives a detailed description about their company specific CLMRS, in coordination with associated bodies (E.g. ICI), tracks progress, discusses areas of weakness and how they are going to revise and improve protocols
  • CLMRS should use a combination of household visits and farm visits to increase the likelihood that all cases of child labour are identified in supply chain and can be addressed
  • CLMRS includes training and awareness-raising for farming households and community members, as well as monitoring and remediation of child labor
  • The company uses an independent/ external third-party to assess CLMRS effectiveness
  • The remediation process includes at least two consecutive visits after child is found in a situation of hazardous/ forced labour
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