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With this metric we want to assess that companies communicate a real policy and strategy focused on waste reduction with specific initiatives carried out in the year of evaluation and concrete and dated commitments.

We will assign a ""YES"" to this question if :

- The company addresses the issue of waste management by detailing its concrete actions and objectives to reduce waste (at least 4 actions).
The following is a summary of best practices in the sector as an example:

- Recycling of all cardboard, plastic, poliexpan and wood waste by authorised waste managers.
- Optimisation of order management to avoid surpluses in shop. -- Development of initiatives against food waste.
- Donation of non-marketable food (the amount and the receiving entity must be communicated).
- Recycling of 100% of cardboard, plastic, poliexpan
and wood through authorised waste managers
- Waste reduction targets with specific % and deadlines.
- Food waste reduction targets with specific % and deadlines.
- Recycling of 100% of the waste managed in the logistics platforms.
logistics platforms.
- AENOR Zero Waste Certification or equivalent.
- Development of textile recycling initiatives.
- Replacement or recycling of expanded polystyrene (EPS) fish boxes.
- Projects related to the reduction, reuse or recycling of WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment).
- Packaging eco-design
- Quantifiable and time-bound plastic packaging reduction targets.
- Reverse logistics processes, from the shops to the platforms and supplier companies, which
platforms and supplier companies, which allow for the correct
reuse and recycling of waste.
- Reuse of logistics packaging (pallets, boxes, etc.).
- Recycling of LDPE plastic films:
- Specific training in waste management.
- Prohibition of the use of plastic shrink wrapping to protect cardboard display boxes.
- Use of non-recyclable materials in incineration plants to obtain energy.
We will assign a ""YES"" to this question also if :
- The company already recovers and recycles more than 90% of its waste in all its facilities or is certified "zero waste".

We will assign a "NO" if :

- The company does not communicate at least 4 concrete waste reduction actions or targets. Or:
- The company only issues general declarations without specifics, quantifiable basis or timeframe.
Some examples of this type of statements can be :

- "We establish a correct management of the recoverable waste we generate".
- "We promote the Circular Economy".
- "We support sustainability through research.
- "We give priority to eco-design,... recyclability", etc...

This information can be found in any of the following reports published on the companies' websites:

- Annual Report
- Corporate Social Responsibility Report
- Sustainability Report
- Environmental Report
- Carbon Footprint Report
- Statement of Non-Financial Information (NFI)