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The company promotes the reduction of the consumption of meat and dairy products from intensive livestock farming.
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With this metric we intend to encourage food distributors to encourage a moderation in the consumption of meat and dairy products as the main measure to curb the impacts of livestock and intensive soy.
Solving the deforestation of tropical forests due to the cultivation of soybeans does not mean transferring its production to less devastated and safer regions, according to Greenpeace in its report "" Hooked on the meat "" would need another 110,000 km2 (an area the size of Austria and Belgium together110) to grow all the soy currently imported by the EU.

The most sustainable solution in this regard is to get the EU to reduce its consumption of meat and dairy. This must be achieved through political instruments, including a radical reform of the CAP to prevent factory farms and meat producers from being subsidized and to redirect subsidies towards a diet model based on plant-based products and organic livestock.
In this, supermarkets have an essential role as the main buyers and distributors

We will assign a ""YES"" to this question if :

- The company declares to establish or develop some kind of measure or initiative to promote moderation of meat and dairy consumption among its consumers.
So far, after 8 companies assessed in the supermarket sector we have not found any such initiative that we can include here as an example of good practice.

This information can be found in any of the following reports published on the companies' websites:

- Annual Report
- Corporate Social Responsibility Report
- Sustainability Report
- Environmental Report
- Carbon Footprint Report
- Statement of Non-Financial Information (NFI)