A score related to the company's reputation, based on data from RepRisk
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The Reputation score is made up of two components: (1) The RepRisk Index, which is a quantitative measure that captures criticism and quantifies a company exposure to ESG risks. It ranges from zero (lowest) to 100 (highest); the higher the value, the higher the ESG risks exposure. The RepRisk Index value is percent-ranked against all companies in the ranking and multiplied by 0.5. (2) The second component is based on the number of environmental issues that were identified by RepRisk for each company. The environmental issues are: global pollution and climate change, local pollution, impacts on ecosystems and landscapes, overuse and wasting of resources and waste issues; the total number of environmental issues for each company is percent-ranked against all Industry Group peers in the ranking and multiplied by 0.5. The Reputation Score is the sum of the scores from the two above components. Companies whose sub-industry group is _tobacco_ and which are deriving the majority of their revenue from weapons manufacturing and related products/services automatically get a zero for the Reputation Score.