A Metric is a tool for measuring. On WikiRate, metrics are used to measure company performance, and they are a way of asking the same question of many companies. It consists of a question, an About section (which describes why this metric is important and how it is used), and a Methodology section (which describes how to research the answer).

Some metric answers are researched, and their values and source citations are entered directly. Other answers are dynamically calculated from other answers.

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Data Set
Metric Type
Value Type
Research Policy
What score did the company achieve in the Fashion Transparency Index 2020?
What was the total score the company received in Ranking Digital Rights' Corporate Accountability Index?
Overall grade awarded by the Good Company Index
What is the total amount of energy consumption outside of the organization in gigajoules?    
How much gross profit did the company make (in USD)?
What score did Ranking Digital Rights award for Privacy?
What was the company's total revenue (or sales) for the year (in USD)?
What is the total number of grievances about human rights impacts filed through the organization's formal grievance mechanisms?
Does the company's responsible sourcing policy focus on all conflict-affected or high-risk areas?
What is the percentage of female employees within the company?
How does the company assess the risks of modern slavery and trafficking in their supply chain?
Was the company’s Modern Slavery Act statement signed by an appropriate person?
How much is the typical worker at this company paid? (median)
Where is the company headquarters located?
Does the company’s statement detail one or more specific, organisational policies or actions to combat slavery in their direct (tier 1) and/or in-direct (beyond tier 1) supply chain?
How well is the company performing in relation with climate change mitigation, adaptation and transparency?
What percentage of new suppliers were screened using labor practices criteria?
How many metric tonnes of hazardous air pollutants (HAP) does the company emit?
What is the total amount of waste recycled by the organization (in metric tonnes)?
Are women over or under-represented in management positions?
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