Governance disclosure tells us about a company’s internal controls, practices, and procedures to ensure transparency. The main issues included are company leadership, board composition, executive compensation, audit committee structure, internal controls, shareholder rights, bribery and corruption, lobbying, political contributions, and whistleblower mechanisms.

The Governance Disclosure data is a subset of the Apparel 100 Research, a broader analysis compiling new and existing information on the top 100 Apparel companies' supply chain transparency and ESG data.  

The data compiled aim to inform the work of human rights advocates, policymakers, investors, and companies. At the same time, it highlights the data gaps so that companies and their stakeholders can identify areas for improvement concerning environmental disclosure.

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The platform is designed to enable an open data ecosystem that connects information from across expert organizations and individuals.

The Governance Disclosure aggregates a broad set of data and indicators based on commonly used reporting standards like the Global Reporting Initiative and civil society research, like Fashion Revolution’s Fashion Transparency Index, that make their methodology and data open and transparent. 

These data are aggregated from research using public sources (corporate reporting and websites) and complemented through collaborations with research organizations, with methods including desk research, data scraping and API connections.

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