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Company Pledge Depth - SDG13
How much did the company pledge to advancing SDG 13?

About the data

This metric covers Sustainable Development Goal 13 of the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Goal 13 aims to take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts. Its targets address: resilience to climate related hazards and natural disasters, making climate change and low-carbon development part of national strategies and education and raising awareness.

Climate Action: Why it Matters

Go to the Half-Billion Dollars Challenge page of the Global Sourcing Council website. Using the dynamic GSC Half-Billion Challenge Progress Barometer you can view a list of companies that have taken the pledge.

  • Click on the tab “All Pledges” to see the total financial capacity that has been pledged to the SDGs in the Half-Billion Dollars Challenge.

  • Click on the tab “By SDG” to view the breakdown of financial capacity that has been pledged to each SDG.

  • Click on the tab ‘By Organization’ to view the list of organizations that have taken the pledge.

  • Select the company you are to research from the list. Then, using the drop-down arrow you can determine how much the company in question has pledged to advancing SDG 13.

For further research the Global Sourcing Council suggests reviewing the following additional resources:

  • Global Sourcing Council

  • Corporate Social Responsibility Report

  • Annual Report

  • CSO Statements or Reports

  • Investigative Reports, Surveys, Articles, etc.

  • SDG Indicators