Total water withdrawals, GRI 303-3-a (formerly G4-EN8-a)
How much water did the company withdraw (in cubic metres)?

About the data

This metric is based on the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standard Guidelines. 

GRI 303 addresses the topic of water and effluents. Access to fresh water is essential for human life and wellbeing, and is recognized by the United Nations (UN) as a human right. The Sustainable Development Goals, adopted by the UN as part of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, include key targets related to sustainable water management under Goal 6: ‘Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all’. These targets aim, for example, to achieve universal access to safe and affordable drinking water, improve water quality, and address water scarcity.

The amount of water withdrawn and consumed by an organization and the quality of its discharges, can impact the functioning of the ecosystem in numerous ways. Direct impacts on a catchment can have wider impacts on the quality of life in an area, including social and economic consequences for local communities and indigenous peoples. 

Water withdrawal - sum of all water drawn from surface water, groundwater, seawater, or a third party for any use over the course of the reporting period

In 2018, the GRI G4 Sustainability Reporting Guidelines were superseded by the GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards (GRI standards). For this metric, the code G4-EN8 is used in company reporting prior to 2018, and the new GRI 303-3 code used in reporting from 2018 onwards. The methodology for the former G4 standard for this metric can be found here

For this metric question you are being asked to identify the total amount of water withdrawn by an organization for a specific year. Start by searching publicly available documents like Annual and CSR reports.  

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Answers & Calculations

Once you have found the answer, make sure the unit of measurement fits to the question on WikiRate. If it does not, convert or calculate the answer and document your approach in the Comments field below. Select the 'Unknown' answer box if the company has not published the data.

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Companies may report water withdrawals in hundreds, thousands or millions of litres, gallons or cubic feet. The answer for this metric must be entered into WikiRate in cubic metres (M3). Make sure you check the unit of measurement and do any conversions necessary. Enter the full number into the answer field.

E.g. If the company reports its total water withdrawals as '5 million gallons' the answer should be converted to cubic feet (M3) and entered on WikiRate as '22730.45 M3'