Global Reporting Initiative+Indirect legacy (G4-EO13-b)

Indirect legacy (G4-EO13-b)

Does the organization identify indirect legacy benefits?

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This metric is based on the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G4 Sector Supplement - Event Organizers. It covers one of the reporting requirements of Indicator EO13 - 'Number, type and impact of physical and technological legacies'.

Legacy can be the most significant part of an event’s organizing process.

Physical legacies may include infrastructure constructed for the event, improvements to community infrastructure, and environmental protection or enhancements. Technological legacies include increased technological capabilities, capacity, infrastructure and innovation that will last beyond the project life cycle.

Legacies may include lasting impacts on physical infrastructure, and new implemented technologies in the region, the local community and wider society. Legacies may also include new financial mechanisms and funds, particularly those devoted to managing legacy infrastructure.

Legacies can be those that are known, clearly defined and measured, and evident in the project life cycle, and future legacies that are yet to be defined, including initiatives with potential for positive legacy.

It may be relevant to report on baseline measurements to understand legacy impact.


Indicate whether the organization identified indirect legacy benefits by choosing Yes or No.

If provided, in the comments section include details Identify indirect legacy benefits, like:

  • ŸIncreased tourism facilities and service capacity in the region, and increased tourism to the region after the event. Identify future sources to track increased tourism after the event and the impacts of that tourism; and
  • Sourcing policies that take into consideration the legacy benefits of donations.

For WikiRate Researchers: 

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