Global Reporting Initiative+Habitats Protected or Restored (G4-EN13-a)

Habitats Protected or Restored (G4-EN13-a)

What is the total size of all natural habitat areas that have been protected or restored by the company?

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2015 = 816
Air New Zealand
2017 = 0
2015 = Unknown
Grupo Nutresa S.A.
2014 = Unknown
2016 = Unknown
Patagonia Inc.
2015 = Unknown
AT&T Stadium (formerly Cowboys Stadium)
2016 = Unknown
Under Armour
2016 = Unknown
Riopaila Castilla S.A.
2012 = Unknown
Bavaria S.A.
2014 = Unknown
Delta Holding
2016 = Unknown
Alpina Foods
2015 = Unknown
Colombina S.A
2014 = Unknown

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​This metric is based on the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G4 Guidelines. It covers one of the reporting requirements of Indicator G4-EN13 - 'Habitats protected or restored'.

Ensuring the integrity of natural habitats can enhance the reputation of the organization, the stability of its surrounding natural environment and resources, and its acceptance by surrounding communities. A biodiversity strategy contains a combination of elements related to the prevention, management, and remediation of damage to natural habitats resulting from the organization’s activities. This Indicator measures the implementation of a specific strategy for preventing or redressing negative impacts associated with activities.


This metric is looking for total size of all natural habitat areas that have been protected or restored by the company:

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Global Reporting Initiative compliance guidance for companies:

​To calculate the total size of all natural habitat areas that have been protected or restored - G4-EN13-a:​

This Indicator refers to areas in which remediation has been completed or the area is actively protected (see Definitions). Areas in which operations are still active can be counted if they conform to the definitions of ’restored’ or ’protected’.

Relevant Definitions:

Areas protected
Areas that are protected from any harm during operational activities, and the environment remains in its original state with a healthy functioning ecosystem.
Areas restored
Areas that were used during or affected by operational activities, and where remediation measures have either restored the environment to its original state or to a state where it is a healthy and functioning ecosystem.

Reporting on this Indicator should include the following contextual information as a comment to the metric value:

  • G4-EN13-a: ​the location of all habitat protected areas or restored areas, and whether the success of the restoration measure was or is approved by independent external professionals.

  • ​G4-EN13-b: whether partnerships exist with third parties to protect or restore habitat areas distinct from where the organization has overseen and implemented restoration or protection measures.

  • G4-EN13-c: the status of each area based on its condition at the close of the reporting period.

  • ​G4-EN13-d: standards, methodologies, and assumptions used.

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