Question: Has the company reviewed business KPIs to ensure they are not increasing risk of modern slavery? (E.g. expansion to production countries that have a lot of migrant workers)
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"To measure performance and progress within our supply chains, we use the results of our annual Social KPI survey including average payments vs. minimum wage payments, overtime hours, worker coverage by collective bargaining agreements, injury rate, turnover rate, insurance coverage, and other metrics. These data are reviewed by an independent third party. We continue to improve the methodology of data collection and analysis and have already been able to identify some potential risk areas such as collective bargaining in some countries in South and South-East Asia. Social KPIs and associated improvement programs help our suppliers to better monitor their own risk exposure, strengthening worker organization and management worker dialogue that will ultimately help mitigate risks in the workplace. Beyond our assessments and checking procedures, we also establish lasting partnerships with our suppliers as well as core material and component manufacturers. This enables us to focus our support on core suppliers through offering training and development programs and sharing good practices."

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