Shareholder Disclosure
Is there a public record of the company’s largest (institutional) shareholders?

About the data

A shareholder (also known as stockholder) is an individual or institution (including a corporation) that legally owns one or more shares of the share capital of a public or private corporation. Shareholders may be referred to as members of a corporation. A person or legal entity becomes a shareholder in a corporation when their name and other details are entered in the corporation's register of shareholders or members.[1]

The influence of a shareholder on the business is determined by the shareholding percentage owned.

Source: Wikipedia.

  • Scour the company’s website - companies often give information about their major shareholders on the investment sections of their websites.

  • Scour the company’s latest Annual Report- companies often report about their major shareholders on  their Reports under section such as "Shareholder Information".


Value Type
Yes, disclosed by the company
Yes, disclosed by an external party
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Community Assessed
Report Type
Annual Report