"Greenhouse and energy information by registered corporation 2021-22" dataset is licensed from the Clean Energy Regulator, Commonwealth of Australia under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 licence. The original source can be found here.

The information in the table below is based on information reported to the Clean Energy Regulator at a point in time and is provided 'as is'. The information contained in this publication is as reported, shown with the organisation name and identifying details (usually ABN or ACN) of the relevant controlling corporation. Cells with ‘0’ value reflect instances where zero scope 1 or scope 2 emissions has been reported. The Clean Energy Regulator may periodically revise published National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting data to reflect the most up to date information available and in line with ongoing regulation of compliance. The Clean Energy Regulator takes all reasonable efforts to ensure the information published on its website is accurate at the time of publication. In considering total emissions between years, it is important to note that each year there are minor changes to the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting (Measurement) Determination 2008 and changes in the number of controlling corporations and facilities that meet a threshold.