Question: In the modern slavery statement, does the company explain one or more of the corrective steps it has taken (or would take) in response to modern slavery incidents in their operations and/or supply chain?
Corrective action plan,
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Corrective action plan:


"Where factories are rated as high risk, the reasons behind the issues are explained as well as an action plan to remediate the concerns." (Pg. 6)


Senior management:


"We report to our commercial leadership team every 2 months, as well as reporting to the Group Board through the annual Audit Committee." (Pg. 6)


In development - catching up since Covid-19:


"Post pandemic we have been focused on catching up on audits after 2 years of disruption and lockdowns when auditors were legally unable to visit some of our factories. We have had to be pragmatic on timeframes for improvement over this period and have occasionally given suppliers extensions on a case-by-case basis in order to give them sufficient time to remediate, given the extraordinary circumstances." (Pg. 4)

Max Tranter.....2022-12-09 23:41:42 UTC

There is no mention of remediation that is to be developed or implemented in future.

Since, the company did not terminate any factory last year. This means that if the factory fails to resolve the issues, the company terminates it. So it is considered.

Pg. 5

“In the last year we have not had any cases of factories that were exited as a result of failure to engage with our programme and our suppliers and factories have been very cooperative in resolving any issues discovered.”

Manali Rana.....2023-01-27 18:09:03 UTC