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NAT.A03.EA Stakeholder Engagement Issue Disclosure
Does the company disclose an overview of the issues raised during its stakeholder engagement activities?

About the data

This metric was designed by The World Benchmarking Alliance, more information can be found here. Sources and Alignments for each indicator can be found here as well as the scoring guidelines here

The World Benchmarking Alliance's Nature Benchmark measures and ranks the world's most influential companies on their efforts to protect our environment and its biodiversity.

This metric relates to the Indicator: The company engages with stakeholders on sustainable development issues and incorporates the outcomes of these activities in its strategy and operations.

Rationale: Serving the interests of all stakeholders is key to businesses' long-term success. Regularly engaging with stakeholders contributes to the company's understanding of diverse and frequently opposing perspectives, drives innovation and helps to shape robust and inclusive approaches. Companies are expected to engage in meaningful stakeholder engagement. Engagement processes are expected to produce a clear output or action and an acknowledgment of how stakeholder inputs are used.

WBA analysed all publicly available group-level disclosure in English on the applicable group website, which was predominantly annual reports and sustainability reports. Draft assessments were then sent to each company inviting them to provide feedback. This feedback could include additional publicly available group disclosure published. These were then reviewed and finalised. Final assessments were then shared with each company before being published online.

For this metric the company discloses the issues raised by stakeholders, and specifies what stakeholder group they correspond to. The list of issues should go beyond the materiality assessment.

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