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Does the company meet the minimum legal requirements of the UK Modern Slavery Act?
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United Kingdom
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Katharine Bryant

Formula logic:

If the company:

  • provides a homepage link to their modern slavery statement (any year), and
  • the statement has been explicitly approved by the board of directors, and
  • the statement has been signed by the appropriate person (CEO, Director, Managing Director, or Chairman)

Then "Yes" they did meet the minimum requirements of the UK MSA. 

If they did not meet one or multiple of the criteria listed above, then "No" they did not meet the minimum requirements of the UK MSA.

= m1 = m2 =
1,724 2,514
m3 =
1,559 2,361
m3Options = [ "Signed by CEO" "Signed by Director" "Signed by Managing Director" "Signed by Chairman" ] if (m1 == "Yes") && (m2 == "Approved by Board") && [m3].flat().filter( (v) -> m3Options.includes v).length "Yes" else "No"