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Does the company’s statement detail specific, organisational policies or actions to combat slavery in beyond tier 1 supply chains?
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Metric Type
Value Type
Suppliers comply with laws and company’s policies
Prohibit use of forced labour
Code of conduct or supplier code includes clauses on slavery and human trafficking
Contracts include clauses on forced labour
Suppliers produce their own statement
In Development
Research Policy
Community Assessed
Report Type
Modern Slavery Statement

Establishing effective policies to combat modern slavery is listed as one potential component of a modern slavery statement within the UK Modern Slavery Act and is recommended by the Home Office guidance accompanying it. Clear organisational policies help to set the tone in assessing, preventing and mitigating the risk of, and working to influence and remedy, modern slavery in organisations and their supply chains. It also helps to demonstrate a company’s commitment to tackling modern slavery.

For further information on policies use the Home Office Guidance, pp. 28-30


Does the company’s statement detail clear, organisational modern slavery policies that cascade down their supply chains and apply beyond tier 1? These policies must be explicit and go beyond vague statements.

Beyond Tier 1 includes the use of sub-contractors, and any non-direct suppliers.

Policies include:

  1. requiring all suppliers and contractors to comply with local and international laws, and company’s policies,

  2. prohibiting contractors or suppliers from using forced labour, involuntary labour, debt bondage or human trafficking,

  3. the ability to terminate contracts based on violation of supplier code, or violation of modern slavery policies,

  4. requiring contracts to include clauses on forced labour or supply chains, or

  5. requiring suppliers to produce their own statement on modern slavery and forced labour.

Please note this metric refers to organisational polices that are clear and explicitly tackle modern slavery. It does not measure supplier engagement such as supplier audits, questionnaires, site visits, etc., this is measured by the metric: ‘Continuous engagement with suppliers.’
Please select as many policies as apply. These policies apply to beyond tier 1 suppliers if the company has a mechanism in place through which their policies “cascade” down the supply chain (e.g. by requiring direct suppliers to ensure that their suppliers also adhere to the company’s relevant policies).

Unless there is specific mention of a mechanism through which the company's policies are applied to suppliers beyond Tier 1, please fill out details under the previous metric.

If no such policy exists, then please select “No”.

If the business indicates it is developing a modern slavery supply chain policy or planning to implement one in the future, please indicate “In Development”.

For each value, please include a comment that copies relevant information from the statement. If the policy that you wish to include is not listed, please add a comment and flag the section for review.