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MSA incidents remediation
Did the company explain the corrective steps it has taken (or would take) in response to identified problems or incidents?
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Has the company outlined a process through which if a supplier is found to be engaging in any activities related to modern slavery or human trafficking, the supplier is subject to consequences set out by the company. Does the company flag such issues to senior management, take action to correct the behaviour (through Corrective Action Plans for example) or cancel the supplier’s contract? This is not necessarily reliant on metric 11- companies can not have identified a case of modern slavery, but still have remediation policies in place.

For further information on Corrective Action please refer to the Walk Free Foundation Guidance, page 31 - 34.

This metric not necessarily reliant on 'MSA incidents identified'- even if a company has not have identified a case of modern slavery, they can still have remediation policies in place and describe these. Where the company has identified at least one incident of slavery, this question can be answered in relation to their response to those incidents. Where the company has not identified any incidents of slavery, this question should be answered on the basis of whether they describe a clear plan for re-mediating such incidents should they be identified in future. Please respond “Yes”/ ”No” as appropriate and include a comment that copies relevant information from the statement. If the business indicates it is developing a remediation policy or planning to implement one in the future, please indicate “In Development” and again provide details in the comment.

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