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MSA Whistleblowing mechanism
Does the company have a grievance mechanism in place to facilitate whistle-blowing or the reporting of suspected incidents of slavery or trafficking? If so, is this grievance or whistleblowing mechanism provided for direct employees, or does it extend to workers within the company’s supply chain?
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The provision of a hotline or other grievance mechanism for reporting suspected incidents of slavery or trafficking is one step that a company can take to find out about such incidents in their own operations or in their supply chain. For many companies the risk of forced labour is much greater within their supply chain than in their own operations - and as such the provision of a mechanism that extends to workers within the company’s supply chain is regarded as a positive step.

For further information on grievance mechanisms please refer to the CORE Guidance, page 19.

This mechanism may be described as a hotline or approach to grievance reporting. Where a mechanism is described but the intended users of the mechanism are direct employees or are not specified, the answer should assume that the mechanism is aimed at “Employees”. If the company provides such a mechanism to workers within the company’s supply chain, and takes steps to make these workers aware of its availability, the answer should be “Supply chain workers”. If the company provides a mechanism for employees AND supply chains workers, please select "Employees and Supply Chain Workers". Please include a comment that copies relevant information from the statement. If the business indicates it is developing a whistleblowing or grievance mechanism or planning to implement one in the future, please indicate “In Development” and again give details in the comments section. Please select "No" if no whistleblowing mechanism is described in the statement.

Value Type
Supply Chain Workers
In Development
Employees and Supply Chain Workers
Research Policy
Community Assessed
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Modern Slavery Statement