Question: Does the company continuously engage with suppliers to ensure that they comply with the company’s policies and local laws?
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At various points through out the document.

--Kaneez Fatima Saeed.....2016-11-15 03:43:03 UTC

"Our Waitrose policy is that, all final packing and production sites need to register on Sedex (The Supplier Ethical Data Exchange). They must declare details of their labour practices before they can start to supply us. We assess human rights risk in our supply chain using independent risk data such as the Maplecroft global risk tools. Any sites assessed as high-risk are required to have an independent ethical audit."

--Dhruvi Shethia.....2017-01-10 02:57:08 UTC

"We analyse the outcomes of the audits and rate our suppliers based on the number and severity of issues identified. Suppliers work through time-bound corrective action plans to address any issues raised. If suppliers are unwilling or unable to address these action plans within the timeframes, we would initiate a formal business review which could result in suspending or terminating supply."

--Dhruvi Shethia.....2017-01-10 02:57:49 UTC