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MSA Continuous engagement with suppliers
Does the company continuously engage with suppliers to ensure that they comply with the company’s policies and local laws?
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About the data

Part of due diligence processes is not just assessing initial risk through questionnaires or having in place policies, but monitoring this risk through continuous engagement with suppliers. This can be done through:

  1. conducting audits of suppliers (including high risk suppliers), either by the company itself or through external agencies,

  2. providing suppliers with continuous improvement programs,

  3. providing suppliers with correction action plans, or equivalent,

  4. conducting on site visits of suppliers, either by the company itself or through external agencies

For further information on this metric please refer to the Walk Free Foundation Guidance, page 37 - 39, and the Home Office Guidance, page 32 - 33.

Where a company details policies or mechanisms to monitor due diligence, please give “Yes” value. Please provide detail on the types of policies that are listed, be it audits, on site visits or continuous improvement programs. Where no mention of audits is made, please select “No”. If the business indicates it is developing a continuous engagement policy or planning to implement one in the future, please indicate “In Development”. Again, please provide detail on the types of processes which are in development

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In Development
Research Policy
Community Assessed
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Modern Slavery Statement