Question: Does the company have a Child Labour Monitoring and Remediation System (CLMRS) in place that covers 100% of their cocoa sources, is assessed by a third party and references ongoing commitments to improve/expand?
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"Our approach to eradicating child labor is based on child-centered systems

strengthening and applying data driven risk analysis capabilities under the

overarching framework of human rights due diligence, which closely follows the OECD

Guidance for Responsible Business Conduct . A child-centered approach starts at the


local level, engaging with children, parents, families and community members to

create empowered communities to help their own development and make lasting

change for the future. This approach relies on a framework of collaborative action from

all stakeholders. It includes developing community action plans, building the capacity

of local authorities to better support families, and stepping up local and regional

advocacy to increase farmer empowerment. In 2020/21, we continued our work with

Child Protection Committees (CPCs) in cocoa farming communities in Ghana,

Cameroon and Indonesia. This program brings together a partnership of district and

local-level government agencies, social welfare specialists, community planners,

teachers, and local religious leaders, with the purpose of preventing child labor and

protecting child rights. Since these groups are composed of trusted community members, they are in a unique position to engage with families. Our

community-based approach focuses on training CPC members to identify and support

children at risk of being engaged in child labor and to support remediation and referral

processes in collaboration with local public authorities." pp. 4-5


"To help us identify

and address child labor in our cocoa supply chain, we continued in 2020/21 to

implement child labor monitoring and remediation systems based on the industry

practice as developed by the International Cocoa Initiative (ICI) . To undertake


monitoring and remediation, we work on the ground in cocoa origin countries, visiting

households and communities to identify children at risk of child labor." p. 5


In addition, we are continuing to implement our monitoring and remediation systems

which cover 237 farmer groups, including 220,878 farmers in Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana, and

Cameroon. The percentage of the farmer groups we directly source from with whom

we undertake child labor monitoring and remediation activities is 61%." p. 6

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Does not disclose goal of working towards 100%

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