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Companies worldwide can and should be using 100% sustainable palm oil, as certified by the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO).

The 2013 Palm Oil Buyers Scorecard assesses the performance of 130 major retailers, food service companies and consumer goods and other manufacturers worldwide on their use of certified sustainable palm oil (CSPO).

This year’s Scorecard – the third WWF has produced – features companies from Europe, Australia, Japan, the US and India. 

Source: WWF website


This metric indicates what the companies' total Palm Oil Score is out of 12.


This year (2013), WWF assessed companies on their commitment to CSPO, how much CSPO they use, whether they disclose their palm oil use, whether they are members of the RSPO and if they have a policy on reducing GHG emissions in their supply chain. How did WWF assess the companies in the Scorecard?

They evaluated companies’ performance in relation to the following six questions:




Is the company a member of the RSPO?


Has the company submitted its 2013 Annual Communication of Progress (ACOP) to the RSPO?


Does the company have a policy on sustainable palm oil – specifically a commitment to source 100 per cent RSPO-certified palm oil by 2015 or earlier?


Does the company have a policy on reducing GHG emissions in their supply chain?


Is the company disclosing total volumes of palm oil and/or CSPO used/bought?


What proportion of the company’s total palm oil use/sales were CSPO in 2012-2013, irrespective of which supply chain option they use?


Maximum overall score



 Source: WWF - Palm Oil Buyers Scorecard Report



In the attached Palm Oil Manufacturers or Retailers Scorecard, locate the company you wish to assess and check what its total Palm Oil Score is.