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Vectoria.org is a decentralized community of citizens committed to accelerate transition to sustainability by 2035. By matching individual citizen's sustainability requirements with company's product's sustainability rating, we apply an incentives systems for users and online services to set aside non sustainable products.


The UN has identified 9 targets and 15 indicators for progress in SDG 5. Indicator 5.5.2 is the "proportion of women in managerial positions". This is measured as the percentage of firms in any given country with a female as the top manager and the share of middle or senior management positions filled by a female. 

Goal by 2030: "ensure women´s full and effective participation and equal opportunities for leadership at all levels of decision-making in political life"

Many of these goals are scaled for national goverment implementation. However, they can still be applied to business. Promoting gender equality and empowering women is crucial to securing a sustainable future

Companies have an inherent responsibility to uphold basic human rights, especially those related to gender in the workforce. Beyond basic responsibility, companies are faced with an opportunity to empower women and girls through core business practice, investments in social responsibility initiatives, commitment to representation in higher positions and equal wages, and access to fair maternity leave and reproductive health.

This project is for gathering data on a company’s percentage of managers who are female. This can give some insight into whether women are over or under-represented in management positions.


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