The Top 100 Fashion Company Research Project is an effort to collect and assess fashion supply chain data - from top to bottom. This means a holistic assessment of the environmental and social performance of brands as well as their suppliers and investors.

The Top 100 are a group of fashion companies identified by FashionUnited as the largest 100 companies by market capitalisation. They have an aggregated market value of more than 1 trillion dollars. 

This project seeks to bring together diverse datasets which have been identified as ‘most needed’ by the organizations and individuals working in ethical sourcing and production. 

An important facet of this project is the mapping of company disclosure rates. On WikiRate, researchers collect data on ‘Unknown’ as well as ‘Known’ values. The research and aggregation of this broad set of data will highlight the gaps in public data sets, shed light on complex relationships, and identify leverage points for improving value chain transparency and corporate performance.

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