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How much does the company score regarding policies about political contributions?
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What are the company's policies about political contributions?


  • Adoption of Policy
    1 point is assigned for adoption of a policy standard or for an explicit discussion of an organization’s stance on each of 11 human rights principles

  • Action to Reinforce Policy
    1 point for a description of reinforcement actions to make a policy stronger, such as providing educational programs, training, or other activities to promote awareness

  • Monitoring
    1 point for a description of monitoring measures including mechanisms to detect violations at an early stage, providing systematic reporting, or establishment of committee structure to oversee risky activities.

  • Quantiative Indication of Compliance
    1 point for a quantitative indication of compliance, such as a description of incidences of failure of compliance, or a statement that there were no such incidences.


The team downloads revelant English languages web pages from the main corporate website for the first month of analysis and convert them into a PDF format, then a survey of topics for inclusion in the questionnaire is underway. Data exclusively and independently available outside the main corporate website are omitted to keep transparancy score only to include innate information provided by the company. Although we aim to be objective in our analysis, our analysts are encouraged to expressed their subjective view of what they see in the report, allowing creativity to permeate in the individual analyzes of companies and the industry-wide reporting of topics.