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This metric is based on the G4-LA6 indicator from the Global Reporting Initiative's G4 specification.

​Health and safety performance is a key measure of an organization’s duty of care. Low injury and absentee rates are generally linked to positive trends in staff morale and productivity. This Indicator shows whether health and safety management practices are resulting in fewer occupational health and safety incidents. An evaluation of trends and patterns may also indicate potential workplace inequity.


This metric is based on the GRI G4 indicator G4-LA6. The GRI's Sustainability Disclosure Database is a good place to find companies that report according to the GRI standard. If you search for the company you want to research on this site, you should find a page like this that links to a HTM/PDF version of the company's report, and a link to an index that should tell you where data for each indicator can be found.

Within the source document (usually a CSR report) there should be a clear statement or table entry reporting the reduction in energy consumption. You can often look up the indicator G4-LA6 in the Global Reporting index of the CSR report to see which page you need to look at.

The G4-LA6 indicator calls on companies to:

  • Report types of injury, injury rate (IR), occupational diseases rate (ODR), lost day rate (LDR), absentee rate (AR) and work-related fatalities, for the total workforce (that is, total employees plus supervised workers), by:

    • Region
    • Gender
  • Report types of injury, injury rate (IR), occupational diseases rate (ODR), lost day rate (LDR), absentee rate (AR) and work-related fatalities for independent contractors working on-site to whom the organization is liable for the general safety of the working environment, by:

    • Region
    • Gender
  • Report the system of rules applied in recording and reporting accident statistics.

This metric is asking for the company's Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR) - a standardised measure of workplace injuries used by many companies. 

 See this page for more information about how TRIR is calculated.