Review Answers that have been Flagged+Image
Task: Review Answers that have been Flagged

10-15 minute task. Check suspicious answers that have been marked by other users.

  • Users are able to flag suspicious answers they encounter while browsing. Similarly, sometimes researchers do not feel confident in their interpretation of answers that they’re adding and flag the answer for review. These answers can be verified or fixed by other users.
  • By checking and potentially fixing these answers you can help us to improve the data quality on WikiRate and in turn its usage and impact. 
  1. Check that you’re logged into your account. If you are not logged in, log in or sign up first.
  2. See the list of flagged answers below and click on the row of the flagged answer you would like to fix.
  3. Look for the answer to the metric question in the source that is cited.
    • If you want more information about what the metric is asking, click the Methodology tab.
  4. Check the source linked to the answer. If you find the same answer as the previous researcher, click the button "Yes, I checked".
  5. If you find a different answer in the source linked to the answer, click "No, I'll fix it" button to enter the edit mode, enter the new answer and write a comment indicating where did you find it (page number).
  6. Click "Submit" to close the edit mode and finish the task.