Resources for WikiRate Researchers

Best Practices

Metric research is not always a question of finding a number and adding this value to WikiRate – different companies may calculate these numbers in different ways or vary in terms of the scope of what is covered. It’s helpful to have fellow researchers around to discuss the quality of data and what it actually means. Information about how a data-point was calculated, or the scope of operations it covers is important to interpreting that value properly – best practice on WikiRate is to always note down in the "Comment" field the page number where you found the data, any relevant context, and methods you used to find a value (e.g. did you have to do a calculation to work out the right value?). That context creates the background necessary for others to understand the data, as well as allowing for a discussion around the data and how companies report the information. For researchers looking into GRI metrics, see full guidance here.

Getting started

To begin using and contributing to WikiRate, visit the homepage and click join. Enter your name or alias, email address and password, and click submit.

Add metric values

Watch this video tutorial on how to add metric values to the platform.

Add sources

Every metric value on WikiRate must have a source. Watch the video tutorial on how to add a source to WikiRate, and link this source to a company.

Troubleshooting & Guidance on Using WikiRate

Find additional tutorials and guidance on the Using WikiRate page, and further and get questions answered through the Frequently Asked Questions page.

Join discussions

Ask questions, join discussions and start debates around specific topics, metrics or other ideas on the discussions page. You can also create threads of discussion related to specific Projects directly through the Project page links.

Understand Wiki Principles

As a contributor to a Wiki, neutrality, openness and respect are key. Learn more about the foundational Values and Principles of WikiRate.

Report technical issues

Submit a ticket and our developers can respond to any issues you have on the platform.